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Body with Refeer Installation

Mr. Airkon provides high-quality modern refrigerated containers with reefer installation. These reefer containers are divided into loading areas with a cooling unit. The cooling machine can be adjusted to a wide range of temperatures, which means the containers are suitable for many applications, from deep freeze containers to storage at a constant temperature.

A cooling unit allows for the transportation or storage of temperature-fragile perishables without interrupting the refrigeration chain. These reefer containers are often used on a train, truck, or ship and may be kept during a fixed location to extend the storage capacity. The major advantage of refrigerated containers over refrigerated vessels lies in their flexibility and the possibility of maintaining the refrigeration chain even on-road or railways.

The internal temperature of the reefer container can be kept constant regardless of the outside temperature. In addition to the temperature, modern refrigerated containers can control the supply of fresh air, air humidity, and air composition.

Refrigerated cells or insulated containers have other advantages in addition to protection against spoilage, storage, and transportation: the products are protected from the effects of theft and weathering at the same time.

To properly equip your trailer, body, van, or truck, a number of cold supply mechanisms exist. Among our various refrigeration units, our experts will guide you to make the most suitable choice.

The insulating performance of the refrigerated body has to be taken into account. In accordance with our principles, we take precautions during the installation of the air circuit, from the calibration of the thermostat to the time of system start-up.

The installation of an onboard refrigeration system on a transport vehicle requires a thorough knowledge of the various equipment that makes it possible to supply, control and maintain a certain temperature to preserve the goods.

The correct operation of the refrigeration unit and its reliability depend on proper installation. We here at Mr. Airkon are proud to offer this perfect solution.

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