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Refrigerator Trucks

One variable among many in supply chain logistics is that certain goods need to be kept cold. Companies equip train cars, cargo ships, and trucks, and vans to protect them from the cold and therefore out of the heat when transporting goods over long distances. However, there are some specific types of refrigerator trucks that change to suit the shipment needs. Mr. Airkon can guide you to get the best-suited refrigerated vans according to your business needs.

Check out the different types of Refrigerator Trucks at Mr. Airkon.


Insulated Refrigerator Trucks

Insulated Refrigerator Truck is a vehicle that not only keeps goods cool but also actively maintains temperature low through refrigeration. These vehicles are best for transporting long-lasting products. Their insulation prevents products by isolating all potential heat.


Chiller conversion Refrigerator Trucks

Chiller conversion refrigerator trucks are essentially insulation trucks with refrigeration components. This shows that it effectively keeps the heat out while bringing in extra cool air to keep the temperature low. This enables companies to move many perishable products without requiring storage temperatures below zero. Some examples of companies using chiller conversion vans include florists and people shipping non-frozen foods or beverages.


Semi-Freezer Chiller Refrigerator Truck

Semi-freezer chiller refrigerator trucks have more advanced insulation than chiller and insulation trucks, having better refrigeration capacity than chiller trucks. These Semi-freezer chiller refrigerator trucks can carry frozen foods and other items that need to stay below freezing.


Full-Freezer Refrigerator Truck

A full-freezer refrigerator truck shares many of the same features as semi-freezer chiller refrigerator trucks, but with at least one additional dimension:i.e. thicker, heat-resistant doors and sidewalls. This reduces the ratio of the inside of the truck deck due to the conduction of the sun's rays on the metal exterior.

Whether you want an insulation refrigerator truck or a full-freezer truck, contact Mr. Airkon Auto Maint Centre . We sell quality refrigerated trucks that support your specific needs, so you find the exact trucks that match your cargo.

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