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Passenger Van A/C

Mr.Airkon brings you a complete solution for your Passenger Van Cooling System. We offer a wide range of products for cooling trucks as well as vans. Do you have a customized vanity van without AC or a custom vintage car that needs A/C ? Dont worry, Our Air Conditioning & Refrigeration System technicians are  specialized for customized A/C and refrigeration modifications and installations.

Mr. Airkon Auto Maint Centre provides the solution for every type of air conditioning of passenger vans. We install service and repair passenger van A/C systems. Whether you are transporting people or any products, Mr. Airkon can provide the appropriate air conditioning in your passenger van. Our work is done by reputed, expert technicians in our fully equipped workshop.

The air conditioning system consists of several components, including a compressor driven by the engine; an expansion valve that controls the flow of refrigerant; and two heat exchangers including an evaporator and condenser. A refrigerant is a liquid that turns into a gas and flows back into the liquid form throughout the system.

Our experienced technicians can perform many air-con services from testing, regular maintenance to finish air-con system repair. We provide repair, service, and more for entire van A/C systems cooling and air exhaust filters.

Automotive air conditioning repair can include a variety of tasks, from refrigerant level to cooling fan. Everything from inspections or performance checks to diagnosis and replacement of system components.

We can be assured that your vehicle is in expert hands. You can rely on us to provide you with the ultimate solution to your vehicle problem. Our eco-friendly air conditioning system provides a safe, secure, and comfortable place in your vehicle. We also provide automotive air conditioning systems with increased energy efficiency and other high-tech vehicle air-conditioning system products.

Our services include everything from A/C inspection to repair. So, if your vehicle A/C has developed any problems and you can contact us at +971 65390079


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