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Chiller Unit Installation

Mr.Airkon is capable of handling chiller unit installation, maintenance, and repair needs. We value reliable, same-day chiller maintenance and services. We provide fast, same-day service and definitive authority for all air conditioning and refrigerators with our highly skilled technicians.

Chiller units for industrial applications can be centralized, where a single chiller unit meets multiple cooling needs. It can be decentralized where the machine has its own chiller unit. Depending upon the cooling requirements we can use the combination of both centralized or decentralized chiller units.

Industrial cooling systems are different from refrigerators used in the home, advanced technology is used to characterize different food products. Each product requires different cooling

requirements to maintain its freshness. Mr.Airkon helps you to get the best quality refrigerators or freezing units for your industry.

In broad terms, cooling is the lowering of the temperature of the food kept in a closed unit by means of mechanical devices. The following are the factors affecting the efficiency of the cooling system:

  • -The quality of the equipment used for cooling in the refrigerator room.
  • -Properly configured equipment based on cooling products, climatic conditions, and user expectations.
  • -Use of advanced technology in cooling systems.
  • -Converting cooling system algorithms to smart systems and reducing energy consumption.

Top Cold. designs chiller units keeping in mind the above-mentioned criteria. The following are the list of Refrigeration Units offered by Dongin Thermo:

  • -Vehicle Engine Driven Refrigeration Units: Vehicle engine-driven refrigeration units are popular and commonly seen among customers. It is powered by the vehicle's engine, it relies on the vehicle's engine to obtain the cooling system, keeping the refrigerating conflicts, but when the truck or cargo van engine is turned off, the vehicle refrigeration units are also turned off.
  • -Diesel Engine Driven Refrigeration Units: Diesel Engine Powered Truck Refrigeration units are powered by a diesel engine, not a truck engine. It has an independent cooling system, even with the engine of the truck turned off, the cooling system will not shut down. The advantages of diesel engine-powered truck freezer units are reliable working performance, so it is suitable for long-distance transportation, keep cargo safe on the road.
  • -Battery Powered Refrigeration Units: As the name suggests, battery-powered vehicle refrigeration units are powered by batteries. The refrigeration units for small cargo vans are used to transport chillers or freezers. The advantage of this Refrigeration Unit is that it is easy to install and saves fuel.

We can help you select the best refrigeration units to reduce costs and meet the needs of your customers. We have a team of experts trained to perform chiller unit installation, testing, and commissioning. We provide technical services in support of all types of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration.

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