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Three Prime maintenance tips for truck refrigeration

Imagine your perishable goods are on their way for a 10-hour journey and the only thing that keeps the medicine flower or meats cool and composed is the refrigerator trucks. But there is always a possibility of your truck being susceptible to damage either because of the environment or because of any malfunction.

Hence, to make sure that your business goes on without any hassle, below we have mentioned 3 important tips that your vehicle driver can use seamlessly.

1. Maintaining a cool temperature in the trailer
When you are going to carry out the shipment, one of the first checklists is to ensure that the truck has an appropriate cool temperature. If there is uneven cooling, there is a major possibility that your perishable goods might be spoilt and also the interior of your truck might be compromised. Hence, always keep a check on the temperature.

2. Cleaning it regularly
After you have completed the shipment, it is important that you clean the entire truck. Since your perishable goods might be exposed to cross-contamination in the next shipment, it is essential that you should wash, scrape and air them out thoroughly.

3. Inspection pre- and post-delivery
When your driver is about to leave, ensure that you check out if the door is sealed securely, if there is any wall damage, how is the pressure of the tire, if there is any temperature calibration, and if the headlight is functioning appropriately or not.

In addition to the above facets, if you want to have proper maintenance of the truck refrigeration then we provide the best truck refrigeration unit repair and installation in UAE where ensure that your truck is in commendable shape before it sets off towards delivery.

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